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Expressions of Jeanne

Poems of Praise
By Jeanne Makosky

Welcome to my blog...
That sounds so strange to me. I never would have believed that my love for poetry would ever amount to anything past my innermost thoughts and dreams, but look at me now--WOW!

Having always enjoyed poetry, my favorite poetress being Helen Steiner Rice, around the age of nineteen, I truly believe that God revealed to me that I could write them as well.Writing has always freed my soul when tensions had me in its control. 

 Now by the grace of God and the good fortune of belonging to the website of Women of Grace bridging the, I have now entered the field of cyberspace with its unlimited possibilities of reaching other poem readers such as yourself and amazingly around the vast waves of the internet. This new experience dumbfounds me to say the least.

I thank you for finding interest in me through the beautiful words God empowers me to create. I hope you are blessed by God's messages through my words, and are enjoying them as much as I have in composing them.

It sure is a blessing to me to be able to share God's gift. It gives me great joy to write for others. Have you considered giving a poem to a special someone? Looking for a special gift for Mother's Day? You will find on the Download page of this website a choice of Mother's Day Poems that you may choose from for a gift of $5.00 each. Giving a poem is giving a piece of your heart and will be remembered and cherished by the heart that receives.
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Your Sister in Christ, Jeanne M. Makosky

His Promises

Teach others about the written word
His promises shouldn't go unheard
Tell everyone when they open their hearts
Such a peaceful healing will begin to start
For in changing your lifestyle and turning from sin
You can experience a happiness way deep down in
Just believe what I say
Why not start today
His promises will guide you every step of the way

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

   A New Life Chapter

When facing a new life chapter
Wondering what will the future be
The solution to your situation is as easy as 1-2-3
First, accept what you can't change
Don't be afraid my friend
As the author of your story
And director of all your steps
God knows what you need
On Him you can depend
Secondly, admit you need help
It's so much easier with two
There are many people out there that know
exactly what to do
Yes, it will be hard but in time you'll learn to adjust
Just submit over your life completely
giving God all your undivided trust
Thirdly, know that what's happening does not mean your life is at its end
You're simply turning another page to experience a greater adventure
around the bend

Because all life has purpose
There's much you still can share
Even though your circumstances seem so unfair
Believe, have faith, he's capable of handling any affair
Let Him be the knot on your last rope
He'll bring you peace and comfort when you can't cope
With Him in your life there's reason to hope
So seek Him prayerfully with open mind and heart
Remember He's an excellent place to start

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved


Because you became someone's wife
blended your union
created my life
I Thank You

Because you tried so hard
to make things better
Got a job as a cook
Just to keep us together
I Admire You

Because you often lend me
a helping, loving hand
Even when I can barely stand
I Appreciate You

Because you're my Mother
Unlike any other
I Will Always Love You

Copyright 2009 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

Our Time of  Life

As our time in life winds downward
Since time does fly fast
I realize I can't run from it
For that time is now a part of my past

In looking back over those years
With much laughter and tears
Especially from the time when I was quite small
I learned the important lesson of a
Mother's unconditional love
By the greatest Mother of all

And although I've grown into a woman
Whose hair is beginning to gray
I still need her approval
In everything I do or say

It was from your many sacrifices
When troubles would turn up its heat
How you taught me by your strong belief
To turn to God and not give into defeat

I hope I've made you proud of me
So much that your heart could swell
Because I don't have time to truly
express all the things my voice
and heart could tell

Now in your times of remembering should
you recall some of the things your
three children did
I hope it's the time I've given you by
being your eldest kid.

Happy Mother's Day

Copyright 2009 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

Hallelujah         He's Risen !

Rejoice, Praise His Name

For even the angel of death
couldn't claim the immortal
man's reign

Because our Lord desires for his
children eternal grace

In all his sufferings he even
endured spit upon his holy face

So never forget how his blood washed 
you clean upon Calvary's hill

That fateful day when he said, "Yes"
to his Father's will

Copyright 2009 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved         

You Can Get Right With God

When you're down and out and full of doubt
Feeling life's not worth the trouble
Just recall to mind, the Great Divine One
And He'll be there on the double

If He's first in your life
You'll never have strife
I believe it's His wish that we need never suffer

So put trust in your heart
When things fall apart
He's better than any aspirin to buffer

You can get right with God
When othes leave you in their dust
In His love you can always trust

For He's truly your best friend, never would He abandon you
On this you can depend

So pray and sing, read the Bible each day
His truths shall never lead you astray

For He loves us in spite of all our faults
Whatever they may be

When He laid outstretched arms for the world to see
It was to set population of makind free
If they choose to seek and truly believe

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

    All Things are Possible

Are you dying, yet each day you still breathe?
Do you feel empty, hopeless unable to believe?
Are the steps you're walking in your journey each day
provide you ample enough time to remember to pray?
For prayer is the direction to the answers you're seeking
in that up and down troubled road of a lifestyle you've been keeping
When push comes to shove, allow Jesus to show you His love
His presence will bring you joy so complete
You'll wonder why you ever felt such misery and defeat
So lean on Him when you're not strong
He'll help to right that endless list of wrongs
Be encouraged, find your childhood faith
The time is right, don't hesitate
You don't have to stay adrift in that sea that seems so impossible
In the Lord remember, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

Copyright 2009 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved
Just Because He Loves Me

Everyday I'm shown how much His love for me is there
It's written in the wafting of the gentle blowing air

The calming of my soul when the world has been too strong
The smile of a baby in its Mother's loving arms

The purring of a kitten, for He made our pets as well
To give us unconditional love when we have no significant other
our woes to tell

Just because He loves me I can close my eyes at night
Secure that He'll comfort me when I've had a bad fright

And knowing there's a room for me in His many mansion place
Makes me long for the day when I'll see His radiant face

And to come to know the answers to the ifs, ands, buts, or whys
That often in this world made me want to cry,
will I finally understand it was always just because

Copyright 2009 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

If God holds tomorrow, why worry about today
Whatever happens is in His timing anyway
Don't be a doubting Thomas
Who needed proof by touch of hand
For God's power is so infinite
Mortal man will never understand
So find some faith, try praying
Just a little everyday
And remember if God holds tomorrow
Why worry about today

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

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Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn
Changing hues
Chase away the boredom blues
Gently floating on the wind
Winter's just around the bend
Soon the snow will then touch down
Without a sound upon the ground

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved
   Prayer of Thanks

Your love is like a diamond in the rough
Never hidden, unconditionally given
Sufficient and enough

A treasure that can be owned by all
Lest we walk the wrong paths and
Stumble and fall

I thank you Lord for giving me the choice
To choose eternity

When on Calvary as you lay broken and
Bruised and you whispered "It Is Done"
All of the world's transgressions were
Redeemed by your one and only son

So again I say thank you from the
Bottom of my heart, for all that
You have given me and especially
My humble start

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved
      My Wish...

With each floating snowflake that falls gently to the ground
My wish for you is God's Joy and peace enough to go around
And with the ringing of the New Year bell
May you find Happiness and Good Health as well

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved
When I Think of Praise...

My arms want to raise giving thanks
to my Lord and my God
For the talent to write these words
of delight and the courage
To say them just right.

When I Think of Praise...
I thank my Lord and my God for all
That my eyes can see and
especially someday when the
Earth gives me away and my
Spirit can eternally soar free.

When I Think of Praise...
My voice wants to sing even though
It might be too loud or off key
For I know in my heart the sound I
Impart to "His" ears it's
a symphony.

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved
     Awakening  Skies

Just now while I was driving to no particular place
I suddenly realized there were tears streaming down my face
And I pondered the reflection of the woman in the rearview morror
Disbelieving that inside me I carried so much doubt and fear
When over the horizon as the sun began to rise
To my amazement I saw the most wonderful surprise
Oh, the colors were stupendous
Made with such artistic flair
As if the Lord was saying, "My daughter, I'm still here"
Well talk about a wake up call
It certainly was clear
He truly is my Father and I'm His darling little dear
Dare I say when depression hits me and I feel like what's the use in trying
When I really feel deep down inside like giving into crying
Then like a light switch in my brain I remember about His way
I get down on my knees and fervently pray
For help and hope all will be forgiven, and everything will be okay
So when an awakening moment happens and you feel it can't be explained
It could be God talking through simple things
Like a cool Autumn rain
Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

 Spirit Filled

Come into my life
Take away my strife
Heal my emotions
As I tumble on life's churning ocean
I'm tossed back and forth without an anchor of hope
Please show me your light to help me cope
You say you knew me before I was born
Yet I'm empty and lost and often torn
I lack the willpower sometimes to carry
on but if you show me the way
I believe I can get strong
I've had enough I'm tired of crying
Give me strength to keep on trying
Reveal to me oh Lord your great plan
Else give me peace to accept what
I don't understand

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

The World of White
The world of white brings joy and delight
To all who see its beautiful sight
As it gently falls upon the ground
Without so much as a little sound
It covers the valleys high and low
With plenty of pure clean snow

Winter's Whisper
The wind blowing through half empty trees
Sending its leaves out into the breeze
Whispering loud or whispering low
Soon it will be time to shovel the snow

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

I see a snowman on top of the hill
I wonder who made it
Jack or Jill
I wish he was like "Frosty"
with his magic hat
Because if he could talk
Boy would I like that

Copyright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved

Expressions of Jeanne

A Poem for Angelique
"Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus"

Admixt the colored packages and pretty lights that be
Something very exciting happened for all the world to see
The shepherds heard and saw it
That cold December night
As a multitude of angels sang praises by radiant light
This being your first Christmas
I wanted you to know
The meaning behind the season as each  year you begin to grow
So with this lighted candle by your family's Christmas tree
Listen as I sing to you the "Happy Birthday" melody
And someday hopefully whatever road you travel along
You'll remember how much God and I love you
When you teach your children what once was our "special song"

Copuright 2008 Jeanne Makosky
All Rights Reserved